20+ Places To Get Free (or Cheap) Food Delivery Right Now

Preparing food takes time, and time is money. Even a trip to the grocery store can be expensive and time-consuming, and when you have no money, knowing how to get free food delivery can be a lifesaver.

Our take

  • The simplest way to get immediate free food delivery is to sign up for a premium service through an app like Uber Eats, DoorDash or Grubhub (learn how to get them for free)
  • Some popular restaurants offer free or discounted delivery when you order through the restaurant’s app
  • Seniors (ages 60+) may be eligible for free meal delivery programs
  • Your community may offer special programs to help provide meals to low-income households

How to get food with no money

If you’re looking for a one-time delivery, restaurant apps often offer promotional free delivery. If you need longer-term food deliveries, food delivery apps and various government programs could offer a longer-term solution.

Restaurant apps and websites that offer free food delivery

Remember the days when print coupons for restaurants would be delivered with the mail or the newspaper? These days, instead of paying for those glossy inserts, restaurants offer these deals through their apps. They offer rewards, discounts, BOGOs, promos and delivery deals. These can help you get free or cheap food delivery.

This means that customers who order at the counter or the drive-thru are missing out on valuable discounts.

Some restaurants offer these perks only if you order through their in-house apps and loyalty programs.


McDelivery is free when you order through the My McDonald’s App. Menu prices in the app are the same as in-restaurant prices. The delivery page on their website offers promo codes that will get you discounts on either purchase or delivery costs. Their app will also offer coupons and promos, like Free Fries Fridays or buy one double cheeseburger, get one free. McDonald’s can also be delivered through DoorDash, Uber Eats, or GrubHub. However, the menu prices may be higher, and the delivery will only be free if you have a premium membership (though most services offer a free trial).

Download the app here.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell recommends ordering through its partner Grubhub. Their website often offers Grubhub, Uber Eats, and Postmates promo codes. Their app will let you order ahead and skip the line for in-store pickup, among other features. However, you’ll have to spend a minimum of $12 for free Grubhub delivery.


Craving fried chicken but don’t want the hassle of making it at home? KFC allows ordering directly from their website or app, and regular promotions offer free or discounted food items, drinks, or delivery. You can also order through your favorite food delivery app. You’ll get free delivery on orders of $12 or more with a Grubhub+ membership.


Subway offers delivery service through its website or app. Watch for occasional free delivery promos, typically active for a month. You may also see promo codes or coupons for cut-price items or delivery. Sign up for a DashPass 30-day trial and get free delivery on Subway orders over $10.


Wendy’s recommends ordering through their app or partners DoorDash, GrubHub, Postmates, or Uber Eats. You may find delivery promos on the website or app offering discounts on delivery or specific items. Delivery may not be available in all locations. DashPass members will get free delivery when they spend at least $10. DashPass also offers a 30-day free trial.


Dominos allows online ordering for delivery and pickup through its website and app. Check the site and the app for discounts and coupons. Dominos does not offer free delivery directly, but GrubHub+ members can get free delivery in some areas.

Pizza Hut

You can download the Pizza Hut app from either Apple’s App Store or the Google Play Store. Ordering is fast and easy for pickup or delivery, and you’ll often find discounts on food or deliveries on the apps or the website. Uber Eats’ Eats Pass members can get free delivery, though you may save more money by paying the delivery fee and using a coupon through the app.


Chick-Fil-A offers delivery through nationwide partners DoorDash, Uber Eats, GrubHub and Postmates. You can also order directly from the website or app. Menu prices on delivered items are higher. Delivery through the app is not free, but you can get free delivery if you have a DashPass membership.


Starbucks delivers through partner Uber Eats for free, though you may be charged other fees. You can order directly from the website or app, or say “Hey Siri, order Starbucks.” Join the Starbucks Rewards program for rewards, promotions, and discounts.


You can order directly from the website or app, where they often offer free delivery for orders of $20 or. more. Popeye’s also offers delivery through Grubhub, DoorDash, and Postmates. Premium members will get free delivery. Expect to pay a $3.99 delivery fee if the nearest Popeye’s is less than six miles away and $5.99 if it’s farther. Watch for special offers and discounts!

Panera Bread

Panera Bread offers $1 delivery on orders over $5 from its website and app. Menu pricing may be higher, and there may be fees. Panera Bread offers a special page for promo codes, discounts, and coupons. You can also get Panera Bread delivered for free with the Uber Eats Eats Pass.

Panda Express

Chinese takeout is an old tradition, but Panda Express will bring its famed Orange Chicken straight to your door. Order from the website or the app. Watch for free delivery promos, discounts, and coupons. You can get it free with the Uber Eats Eats Pass. Panda Express charges about $5 for delivery if you order through the app, but the menu prices will be lower, so it may be cheaper to pay the fee depending on what you’re ordering.


Chipotle offers delivery from both its website and its app. A $1 delivery fee promo is currently going on, but the fine print says that higher menu prices and service fees may be charged. As usual, watch the website and app for special offers. You can also get free delivery through Uber Eats’ Eats Pass, but the higher menu prices will offset the savings, and unless you have a special deal through Uber Eats, you’ll come out ahead by ordering through the app.

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit

Some Dickey’s locations offer free delivery on orders over $10. To determine whether your location participates, you must look for the “free delivery” button and enter your address.

In addition, the Big Yellow Cup Rewards program awards 10 points for every dollar you spend, which can be redeemed for free food, and members will also get occasional discount offers.

Download the app here.

Other chain restaurants

 Some other restaurants that offer free delivery for app orders:

  • Boston Market: Order through the app or website and delivery is free.
  • Bob Evans: The chain offers free Friday delivery through their website or app. No minimum purchase is required.
  • Del Taco: Order through Postmates, use the code DELTACONOW, and delivery is free
  • Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop: Free delivery for orders placed through the website
  • Rubio’s Coastal Grill: Order worth $20 or above through the app or website and get free delivery
  • Torchy’s Tacos: No delivery fee for DoorDash orders
  • Blaze Pizza: Order worth $15 or above through Postmates and there’s no delivery fee
  • Five Guys: Order $15 worth of food through the Five Guys website or app and your delivery is free

You may need to order above a minimum dollar amount to get free delivery through a restaurant app. Again, don’t forget local restaurants. Many have apps, and they may offer free delivery promos.

Pro tip: Chains aren’t the only places that offer free delivery. Local restaurants will also have service through one or more of the delivery apps, and some may offer delivery on their own. If you have a favorite place, call and ask.

Free meal kit deliveries

Groceries are expensive, but there are plenty of offers from meal kit companies to help you get entire meals for free, as long as you don’t mind doing the cooking yourself. For example, Hello Fresh offers a free box containing three full meals for two for new customers. You can get a free trial box by signing up here. You can cancel anytime, even immediately after you order the free box. Even if you can’t afford the service, getting three free meals delivered to your door is always a good deal, particularly when you don’t have money for groceries.

Free grocery deliveries

Many grocery chains now offer delivery straight to your home. This can be particularly useful if you live in a food desert and have limited access to fresh food. The service isn’t free, but if you sign up for loyalty programs and watch for promotions, they will often offer coupons to offset the cost. For example, Kroger recently ran a promotion for $10 off any delivery order (next-day delivery costs $6.95 and same-day delivery is $9.95, so the coupon completely offsets the delivery fee.

Take advantage of delivery apps

The fastest and simplest way to get free food delivery is to sign up for a delivery service. Uber Eats, DoorDash and GrubHub are big names, but several others exist. Premium users get (mostly) free delivery, and if you play your cards right, you can get those premium subscriptions for free. The services often offer free delivery for first-time users or promo codes for regular users.

Pro tip: These opportunities come and go and may only be valid for a few days, but checking the app will often give you a free or discounted delivery option.

If you’re traveling, these apps are a great way to find popular local restaurants or give you a starting point if have dietary restrictions and are looking for meals that are gluten-free or halal, or you’re in the mood for a specific type of food, like Thai or Indian.

How to get free premium subscriptions to food delivery apps

You can get free premium subscriptions to all three major food delivery services with credit cards or subscriptions you may already have.

  • Chase offers a free DashPass subscription to customers with Chase Sapphire credit cards. This includes free delivery from such restaurants as Applebee’s, Baskin-Robbins, California Pizza Kitchen, The Cheesecake Factory, Cinnabon, El Pollo Loco, Pepe’s Pizza, Red Lobster, Ruby Tuesday, Subway and Wingstop.
  • Capital One offers statement credits for Uber One (and 10% cash back on Uber and Uber Eats purchases) for Savor, SavorOne, SavorOne Rewards for Students and Quicksilver Rewards for Students cardholders. This includes free delivery from such restaurants as Blaze Pizza, Chili’s, Church’s Chicken, IHOP, Krystal, P.F. Chang’s, Potbelly Sandwich Shop, Whataburger and White Castle.
  • Amazon Prime subscribers get a free GrubHub+ membership. This will get you free delivery from such restaurants as Buffalo Wild Wings, Burger King, Firehouse Subs, Jamba Juice, Original Pancake House, Shake Shack and Sonic. You must sign up, so check to ensure you aren’t overlooking an offer. In addition, GrubHub+ regularly offers subscribers one free takeout entree per month, which alone covers the cost of the subscription and is b a bonus if your GrubHub+ service is free through Amazon Prime.

If you cannot get free services, a premium subscription usually costs about $10 a month but usually includes enough monthly discount offers to offset the costs.

Pro tip: It’s no secret that food prices are higher through these apps. But premium subscribers receive special offers a few times a month. These can be for one free pickup entree or 40% off a delivery order. If your subscription is already free, you still get the discounts.

Pricing differences

“Free” food delivery may actually be costing you money. Delivery apps often charge higher food prices to offset operational costs. It may be less expensive to order delivery through the restaurant, even if the restaurant tacks on a delivery fee. This chart from TechCrunch breaks down some of the pricing differences:

The bottom line

Knowing how to get free food delivered can be a lifesaver when you have no money.

From restaurant delivery apps to government meal-delivery programs like Meals on Wheels, your options primarily depend on your financial situation.

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