About Us

We are DebtHammer

Our mission is simple: to help you escape the payday loan trap.

Our Story

When our Founder, Jake Hill, was 16 years old he lost his first car to a car title loan simply because his family could not afford to repay the loan.


Jake Hill, Founder

Over the years he’s tackled over $100k in student loans, thousands in medical debt, and thousands more in credit card debt.

Fast forward nearly a decade later and after graduating from UT Austin’s McComb’s School of Business with a Master of Science in Business Analytics, he never forgot that feeling of falling victim to a loan that was never designed to be repaid. With a stroke of luck and entrepreneurial fortitude, he founded DebtHammer to help families across the country escape the payday loan trap.

DebtHammer’s services are designed to combat a payday loan industry that thrives on a predatory relationship with low-income borrowers by giving them a real way out of their loans. We understand that the payday loan isn’t the borrower’s first loan. Rather it’s routinely the last loan on a long list of a borrower’s sources of debt. Our goal is to provide help and support to thousands of families who have fallen victim to predatory lending.

Would you like to escape the payday loan trap and finally achieve financial freedom?

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