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    We help you check your rates with over 15 consolidation loan providers. Even if you have bad credit.

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    In addition to loans, we'll walk you through other debt relief options you are eligible for so you can get a full picture of your options.

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    Whichever option you choose, our goal is to get you debt free in 12-48 months. We're here to help.


"I would without hesitation recommend DebtHammer if you are drowning in debt. They are friendly and courteous and they work with you."

- Patricia D, Google Review


"They are really great to work with. Always there to help you with your issues. Very nice and polite. Take care of issues immediately. I recommend them to everyone."

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Tired of making payments while your debt still grows? Debthammer can help.

  • You're serious about getting out of debt

    But no matter how hard you try, the debt seems to keep piling up.  You're stuck like a hamster in a wheel.  

    You try and save, you work extra hours, and you struggle to make your minimum payments.  But the interest keeps piling up. 

    You feel like you've made progress, but then an unexpected expense pops up, and you get set back again. It's one step forward, two steps back.

    It's called the 'debt trap' and it's common. 

  • And high interest rates aren't making it easy

    Credit card companies can legally charge up to 36% interest, and with rates rising, may find that nearly their entire monthly payment is just paying down interest.

    If this sounds like you, you're not alone.  Many people have to use credit cards out of necessity to get by, and there's no shame in that. 

    As you accumulate more debt, your credit score suffers, and it seems like there is no end in sight.  

  • How much further would you be?

    If you could only get a little bit of help.

    What if there was a way to reduce your monthly payments?  What if you could reduce the total debt you owe?  

    What if you could have professionals help you compare all the various options, and beat the debt trap for good?

  • That's DebtHammer

    DebtHammer helps you escape the debt trap.  Whether it's payday loan debt, credit card debt, medical or other unsecured debt, we can help.

    Here's how it works.  First, we have a quick phone call where we lay out all of your loans to get a complete picture of your financial situation.  There's no pressure, and most importantly, no judgement.  Many of us have been in debt, and there's nothing to be ashamed of.

    A debt professional will walk you through all of your available options, and the pros and cons of each.  These will differ by whether you have payday loan debt or not, your credit score, and several other factors.  We will be completely transparent with you, and help you choose the best option possible.

    Finally, we will help you enroll in the loan or plan of your choosing, and provide help and support along the way.

    Our goal is to get you completely debt-free as quickly as possible.

Got questions? We've got answers.

It's tough to find straightforward information about debt relief.  The lenders like it that way, and so do other shady 'debt relief' companies.

That's not us.  Here are some of the common questions we get, and the straightforward, plain English answers. 

How common is credit card debt?

Over half of Americans have credit card debt, and some 20 million Americans have over $10,000 in credit card debt.  That's not to mention other types of debt that are common.

It's the national crisis that nobody seems to talk about.

However, in practice, it rarely works out this way.

In theory, credit cards are an easy way to pay for things, and to take out credit for large expenses.  But in reality, many people get swallowed up by credit card debt and high interest rates (usually 20-30%), and end up simply paying interest and can't possibly make a dent in their debt.

Of course, the terms and jargon is so confusing that even financial professionals have a tough time making sense of it.

It's unfortunate that lenders are allowed to do this, but until regulators get their act together, high interest debt is a reality of American life.

That's why DebtHammer exists - to help you beat debt.

What is "debt relief"?  

Debt relief is a term that can mean many things.  But unfortunately, the industry is full of shady actors that it's tough to make sense of it.

There are a few different types of debt relief:

A debt consolidation loan is when you take out a personal loan that you use to pay off your lenders.  A new loan to pay the old loans.  You're responsible for using that money to pay off your lenders, then you have to pay the new lender back.  Loan terms vary, some credit unions offer these, and often you'll need a good credit score to qualify.  Ideally, the new loan has a lower, more manageable interest rate.

Unfortunately, if you have over $10,000 in unsecured debt, it's tough to find a debt consolidation loan that can cover all of your loans, and offer a lower interest rate.  But we always try - who knows, you might get lucky.

A debt resolution program is the option most chosen by those with over $10,000 in unsecured debt.  It starts by stopping payments to you lenders, and instead paying money into an escrow bank account that you deposit money into.

Once you've saved enough money, a debt resolution professional will begin negotiations with creditors.  The fact that you have stopped paying, and that you have money set aside to pay a lower amount, gives you leverage and eventually the lender will reduce the amount you are required to pay.

If you have payday loans, most debt resolution companies won't help.  Not DebtHammer - we can help you find a debt resolution program if you have more than 1 payday loan.

Credit Counseling is for the most part, just advice.  They provide direction on which debts to pay down first, and how to better budget.  Most of this is pretty obvious information that you could easily Google yourself, but it can be helpful.  Some may help setup a debt management plan...

A debt management plan (or DMP for short) is when credit counselor attempts to negotiate with a lender to get you lower interest rates and to waive late fees.  This is certainly helpful, but unfortunately, it usually doesn't move the needle much for those with severe debt loads.

Bankruptcy is generally considered a last resort by financial advisors, but can provide a fresh start if you are simply too underwater.  There are two common types of consumer bankruptcy: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, both of which are legal prodedures.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is often called 'liquidation bankruptcy'. When you file for Chapter 7, all collection activity stops, and the courts are now in charge of your assets.  Some assets may be sold to help pay creditors, and at the end of it, eligible debts are discharged, meaning you don't have to pay them. Some debts - such as federal student loans - cannot be discharged in bankruptcy.

Chapter 13 is a less common and also less severe form of bankruptcy for those who have stable income, and believe your crisis is temporary.  You also must have debts under a certain amount.  If a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is successful, you will end up with a 'wage earner plan', where debtors propose a payment plan that must be accepted by the court.

In either case, a bankruptcy will stay on your credit score for awhile, making it more difficult to get basic loans or even apartment rentals in the future.

Credit Repair is not really a form of debt relief, but is commonly looped in to the industry.  Credit repair companies dispute items on your credit report, in hopes that your credit score might go up.  Please note that you can always dispute items on your credit report on your own.

Is debt relief a scam?  How can I make sure to avoid scams?

Unfortunately, the industry is full of scammers and hucksters trying to make a buck off of desperate people.  Many of the debt relief companies you've seen on TV have been investigated and prosecuted by the Federal Government.

But while there are scams, there are many legit debt settlement companies, credit counseling agencies, and debt relief services whose #1 goal is to help.

So how to make sure to avoid scams?  The short answer is to use DebtHammer.  But you can also make sure to do the following:

  • Read online reviews and check BBB rating
  • Check with your state attorney general office
  • See if there are complaints from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  • Check for investigations by the FTC

Do debt relief plans affect my credit score?

This varies based on a lot of things, but you should assume that applying for a debt consolidation loan, enrolling in a debt resolution program, or declaring bankruptcy will go on your credit report one way or another.

But what does a credit score actually mean?

For many, it's a badge of honor.  We think this is the wrong way to think about it if you are in a lot of debt.  Credit score a number that helps you get more debt.  Do you want more debt?  We didn't think so.

Once you are debt free, better credit can help you get a mortgage, apartment or car loan.  But if you are up to your eyeballs in debt, the most important thing is getting out.

How does it all work with DebtHammer?

It all starts with a quick phone call with one of our friendly debt consultants. Here we take a look at all of your debts and learn about your financial goals.  This is a no-judgement zone, our goal is just to get the most complete picture.  This step does not affect your credit score.

From there, we will learn about your financial goals, and lay out all of the options you have available to you.  We have the ability to instantly check your eligibility for over 15+ personal loans, as well as debt resolution programs.

Once you have had the chance to review all options, we will help you enroll in the loan or plan you choose, and provide help and support every step of the way.

If the answer to any of these questions is 'yes', DebtHammer is for you

  • Do you feel like you're never going to get out of debt?

  • Are you ready for a 50% lower monthly payment?

  • Does your debt keep growing, even as you make your payments on time?

  • Would it feel incredible to start saving for the future?

I'm ready to say goodbye to debt. What's next?

  • We'll take a look at all your loans

    For step one of our debt relief program, we'll lay out all your loans to get a picture of where you stand.  This will not affect your credit score, and will only take a few minutes. We'll read through all the confusing language and jargon to get a complete assessment.  There are certain loans we can help with, and others that we can't - we'll be completely honest which we can and can't help with.

  • We'll put together a plan that works for you

    From there, we will see what options are available to you - this will vary by a number of things, from your debt amount to the state you live in.

    Once we've chosen a plan, we'll work with you to put together a simple payment plan that works for you. 

    It'll be as simple as making microwaveable mac n cheese.  The same amount, every time.  No hidden fees, confusing jargon, or other gotchas you need to worry about.  Having a tough month and can't pay?  No sweat, we'll accommodate you.


  • Let's take back control of your bank account

    Ready to take back control of your bank account and get back to living your life?  Let's help you get back on the road to financial freedom.

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